As you know, QEC was developed from the crucible of Gestalt - a healing therapeutic relationship that embraces non-judgement, equality and respectful engagement with the client. Gestalt says “I truly see you, I hear you, I understand your situation”.

Whilst at least half of each QEC therapeutic session requires us to take this stance, it is often overlooked. Many practitioners are too focused on the “QEC tool” of using a magic wand to change what the client brings, into something better. They overlook the relevance and power of the healing relationship – designed to bring about trust – and the deeper sharing that comes from building this trust.

We will revisit the essentials of why and how to build trust and what the benefits are of doing so. This is especially key in clients who are traumatised, as loss of trust and safety define trauma.

The teaching in this lesson will take a slightly different approach to previous seminars with the focus more on practical application. I will share with you live video footage of how I use the healing relationship with my clients as a foundation for QEC work.