Having learned in Module One how to use QEC to change limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of mind, are you excited and keen to learn more?

Having discovered how easy and effective this method is, are you inspired to join us and learn how to begin helping others?

This next step, QEC Module Two, teaches the fundamantal elements for professional certification as a QEC practitioner. This includes  applying the Gestalt Therapeutic Principles of a “Healing Relationship” - to hold a sacred space for a client that will, over time allow them to deepen their work with you.

We will expand our understanding of how QEC works by delving into the depths of neuroscience, the physiology of stress, and how to change our energy field to manifest the life we want moving forwards.


9 November 2023

6 weeks
£1450 (payment plan available)
Live and online
Those who have completed module 1

Learn how to use QEC to work with others

Online, intensive 6-week training presented live by Dr Melanie Salmon

Dedicated personal supervisor to guide and support your learning

Become part of our thriving, global community.

Complete Module 2 of the NEW Practitioner Certification Training Programme.

What you'll learn

Introduction to Gestalt Part 1
The Gestalt dialogic relationship is one of equality, deep respect and being tuned in. It teaches how to be present in a way that says to your client “I see you, I hear you, I fully understand what you are going through.”

Building trust and safety

This empathic relationship builds a foundation of trust and safety that allows clients, over time, to open up to their deeper concerns.


Awareness raising

You’ll learn how to hold up a mirror to your client, allowing them to become aware of who they are – so that they are able to make changes if they wish to.

Introduction to Gestalt Part 2
Phenomenology means “ the science of phenomena” – an approach that seeks to understand, through enquiry, the subjective and perceptual life of the client. In this section, you’ll learn:

The 'rule of description'

As phenomenology discovers how clients have made meaning in their lives, you will learn how to use the ‘rule of description’ to only describe what you see without interpretation or making assumptions.


Stepping stones to change

Dr Salmon will unpack for you why phenomenology is such an important aspect of the Gestalt interaction – and how, when applied – it lays stepping stones to begin the work of change with QEC.

The QEC method with others
Having learned how to use Gestalt to create a sacred presence, we are ready to begin “peeling the onion”. You will learn:

How to 'meet clients where they are'

You'll develop the skill of tuning in to the outside of your client – meeting them where they are, without intrusion or pressure. This means to acknowledge that clients are willing to be seen on the surface but aren’t always comfortable to reveal what lies underneath.


How to work by 'peeling the onion'

You will develop the skill of working layer by layer. The QEC approach is natural and organic. As each next later presents itself, the previous layer is removed in a non-threatening way.

By “peeling the onion” in this way, we build trust and work though what the client is happy to work with, until such times as the deeper, perhaps more painful or shameful material can be seen and worked with

Peeling the onion is how all QEC Practitioners begin working and will do this until the client is ready for the deeper work

The science behind QEC
It is important to understand where QEC comes from and the mechanisms by which it operates. In this fascinating section we will delve more deeply into the science that underpins QEC exploring both Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. You will learn about:

Neuroplasticity of the brain

We'll explore the latest understanding of how the brain works and how it is possible to change old ‘wiring’. You’ll understand how it is possible to create a new reality through neuroplasticity.


How we can heal from the past to change the present

You will see how it is possible to change evenhard-wired’ beliefs dating back decades, especially those coming from early childhood and from trauma.


The science, applied through the lens of QEC

You will learn how to apply the principles learned in this section to set the right conditions that allow for change to happen with your clients.

Stress, health fear and phobias
This session teaches the physiology of the stress response and how stress governs our ability to maintain health and inner peace.

Essentials of Epigenetics

We will cover essential information on the topic of Epigenetics – the mechanism by which we activate genes according to our state of mind and our environmental stimulus.


The influence of our mind on our health

We will learn how our beliefs systems control our health and how we can choose and initiate change in our lives.


The autonomic nervous system

Fear and phobias are common and can create a dysregulated nervous system, untimely leading to ill health. We will learn to moderate and change what we fear and even what we imagine we fear (our phobias). Crucially, you’ll learn how to work with clients to return their nervous system back to homeostasis

This exciting section is all about how to create a new reality and unlock your potential. The aim is to look forward – to use QEC to create the life you want and allow you to thrive.

Analysing blocks

We will examine the reasons why we aren’t experiencing a life we would prefer, including how we might be blocking ourselves from having the best outcomes 


Levels of consciousness

You will learn about levels of consciousness and the work of Dr David Hawkins. Applying these principles to your QEC work allows you to join the path of raising consciousness.


Aligning with excitement

We will also learn how to follow the “stepping stones” of our personal excitement, aligning with our ‘truest self’, in order to reach personal fulfilment and extraordinary outcomes


The mechanism of manifestation

We will learn the mechanism of manifestation and the power of focused intention. You’ll see how it is possible to attract to us experiences we want such as new career, home or relationship.

The course design makes for an incredibly safe environment and ease of learning. Not to mention the expertise of Melanie herself. It’s like watching a master at work.