We do not perform to our capabilities, we perform to our beliefs.
If we think we are less than we are, we will be.

These beliefs are mostly out of our awareness, in the subconscious mind. With QEC, we access the limiting thoughts and change them at the subconscious level, freeing us up to be in alignment with our conscious goals. The process is immediate and permanent.

Levels of the Mind

The conscious mind operates 5% of the time at the equivalent computational speed of 4000 bits/second

The subconscious mind operates 100% of the time at the equivalent computational speed of 4 billion bits/second

Source: Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Biology of Belief”

Most talk therapies deal with the conscious mind. However, to effect deep and lasting change, we need to address core issues at the subconscious level.

change your thinking,
find clarity and focus

How do we work with the mystical, uncharted realm of the subconscious?
Current neuroscientific theory tells us that the brain is organised to reflect everything we know in our environment. Our life experiences are stored in the brain’s synaptic connections. When the network of neurons (nerve cells) fire, this is our mind in action.


In neuroscience there is a principle called Hebb’s Law, which states: “Nerve cells that fire together, wire together”. When you repeatedly think along the same lines, neural pathways become hardwired. This is the basis of habit.


As Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza says in his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”:

QEC harnesses the ability to rewire the brain along neural pathways of our own choice.

change your thinking,
embrace inner stillness

become what you always imagined

“The effect of changing my subconscious patterns has been more remarkable than I could have imagined. I now feel positive about my life, my home, my family and a gentleness has returned where I used to be in permanent crisis and survival mode.”

Ange Loock-Shearer, Western Cape, South Africa

Dr. Melanie Salmon is a medical doctor and Gestalt Psychotherapist, who created QEC in her quest to find a better way to work with people. She lives in Barcelona, Spain, and works throughout Europe.

it’s your time to shine!
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