Meet Dr Salmon

I have spent a lifetime searching for healing.

After 40 years as a doctor in a medical practice near London, I couldn’t shake the deep knowing that I wasn’t meeting the needs of many of my patients by treating psycho-emotional conditions with pharmaceutical drugs. It was then that I walked away, making the difficult decision to leave medicine to find better ways to heal.

I studied Gestalt in the UK and the USA, graduating from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and worked for 15 years as a Gestalt psychotherapist. Although this was a powerful modality, small shifts often took years and led me to wonder if there were simpler, more practical methods that I could integrate into my practice.

After 8 years as the national TRE trainer for South Africa, teaching TRE to thousands of traumatised people, I saw amazing results - but found that they were not easily sustained. Deep, core wounds from trauma triggered people to revert back to their stressed state after a while. The search continued..

One simple, life-changing experience in 2005 set the course for the next 16 years of my life. The final piece of the puzzle came into focus as I shifted my full attention to learning about the role of the mind in healing the body.

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC for short), was born of this desire to ‘find a better way’. It’s a combination of everything I’ve learned, from medicine and Gestalt to neuroscience and quantum physics in one simple, clinically-usable tool.

Since 2008 I have used QEC to help thousands of people to heal themselves, from the most traumatised to those simply wanting to live their fullest lives. In 2020 our training moved online with huge success, adding to our vibrant global community of hundreds of new practitioners.

I’m honoured and excited to be able to share QEC with you.

“There Has to Be Another Way”

A doctor’s healing journey begins where medicine ends. The inspiring true story about the birth of QEC.