Change starts here.

Get right to the heart of the issue with these focused short courses.

Many of us face daily struggles with stress, relationships, depression and a range of common challenges. If you’re looking for a way out, these unique courses are designed for you.

Packed with simple, yet essential information, including the latest understandings from Dr Salmon and other world-renowned experts in the field, these short videos are easy to understand and visually impactful. 

The fresh perspective they offer will accelerate your journey when you begin to see a QEC practitioner.

Current courses:

Coming soon:

Conscious parenting notify me

Unlocking your potential notify me

Healing trauma and building internal resiliance notify me

Managing stress and anxiety notify me

Optimum health and wellness notify me

At the end of these short video courses, you will have a deeper, fuller understanding of the topic as well the unique therapeutic approach that makes QEC so effective for long-term change.

Why book a healing programme?

Our packages of video +  5 sessions with a practitioner offer a discounted rate to you*. You will be paired with one of our most experienced practitioners, working online via zoom from the comfort of your own home.

*Discount based upon the average hourly rate of QEC practitioners in the UK.