Our global list of certified practitioners will soon be featured here, complete with professional credentials and other search criteria that will help you to find the right person for you.

Please bear with us as we develop this functionality. 

In the interim, click here to download a PDF list of practitioners with their contact details.



Frequently asked questions


Can I see a QEC Practitioner for a session, online?

Yes you can. QEC is effective as an online and in-person healing method. This means that you are able to connect with any of our wonderful, skilled QEC Practitioners, regardless of your country of residence. 


How do I find a QEC practitioner?

There are two ways to find a practitioner. If you sign up for one of our 5-week healing programmes, you will be paired with an experienced practitioner and will begin your journey there. You can also head over to our find a practitioner page and search through our global list of certified practitioners. The nature of QEC makes it particularly effective online - meaning you can see a practitioner anywhere in the world, via zoom.


Can I do QEC with Dr Salmon?

At the moment Dr Salmon has a waiting list for new clients. However, if you would specifically like to see her, please contact Anima (Dr Salmon’s PA) at connect@qecliving.com. You will receive an indication of when and if it is possible to see Dr Salmon. If her schedule renders her unavailable, she will refer you to one of her experienced practitioners.


What countries and languages is QEC available in?

We now have practitioners in over 25 countries. If you would like to see a practitioner that speaks your language, simply filter your search results by language on our find a practitioner page.


I would like to become a QEC practitioner - where do I start?

How exciting! If you haven’t already, we’d recommend that you begin to see a QEC practitioner to experience it and familiarise yourself with the modality. There are great videos that you can watch on our YouTube page that explain more about the modality and how it works. Once you feel ready, feel free to sign up to one of our 21-week practitioner trainings that happen throughout the year. Learn more. 


Does the process involve hypnosis or an altered state of consciousness?

Definitely not. You remain totally conscious and in full control at all times. QEC does not involve any form of hypnosis, meditation or mantra.


Clients report rapid, lasting changes. How can a life-long problem or habit simply disappear in a few short sessions?

The ‘speed’ with which QEC operates can be assigned to the fact that QEC uses the ‘supercomputer’ of the subconscious mind and the plasticity of the brain to create new neural pathways. Under the right conditions we can change the way we think and feel about something - fundamentally changing how we experience it and therefore, act in the moment. Learn more.