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Hazel J Rose

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After years of searching for a modality that would “fix me”, I finally came
across Quantum Energy Coaching, and it changed my life – and I didn’t
actually need fixing.

I was able to heal decades of childhood and adult trauma, self-esteem and
self-worth issues remarkably quickly, easily and effectively. And I removed
myself from controlling abusive relationships, both professional and
personal as a result, stepping into a new level of freedom and authenticity. I
renewed my joy for life and had a brilliant tool with which to navigate my

I am now so happy to share this remarkable technique with others. Do you
feel like there is something wrong with you? Are you anxious, exhausted,
stressed or stuck? If you are ready and willing to change then QEC will
help you. I have worked extensively with both men and women who have
experienced emotional and sexual abuse, who are stuck in addictions, work
and relational stress and those who have PTSD & ADHD symptoms, sleep
issues, chronic fatigue and pain. QEC brings you gently and steadily out of
the conditioning of the past, into a new bright future of your choice.

I love working with anyone who is wanting to change & ready to uncover a
new version of themselves. There are infinite possibilities in the quantum
world, and it is such a privilege to help clients find new ways of being,
thinking and feeling. When needed, I now combine QEC with other somatic
based modalities as I find this body-mind approach to be even more
effective and long lasting.

I welcome clients from teens upwards and from all walks of life. I work
online and in person and I look forward to meeting you - do get in touch for
a free initial chat.