Connect and Grow - a forum for QEC Practitioners (annual membership)

Connect and Grow - a forum for QEC Practitioners (annual membership)

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Connect and Grow is a fabulous opportunity for the community to connect and contribute to the growth and direction of QEC. We´ll also share with you some of the latest updates and news from Melanie and the QEC team. 

The purpose of Connect & Grow is to:

  • To provide a platform for practitioners to network and connect with each other.
  • To invite guest speakers to present on therapeutic and business development topics.
  •  To share and learn from each other.
  • To build our community in line with practitioners needs.

The group is facilitated by a group of wonderful and experienced QEC practitioners and supervisors. 



We ask for a contribution of £48 per year (per practitioner joining the forum), which is used to compensate our lovely forum hosts.

There are two payment plans available to you:

Option 1: £48 paid once per year.
Option 2: £24 paid every 6 months (this will renew a minimum of two times to fulfil the annual payment of £48).

Payments are generated automatically and renewals can be cancelled at any time, after the minimum fulfilment.