Entering the matrix of intergenerational trauma.

In part one of “QEC is not working”, we discovered what had blocked my client from making progress and sustaining improvement over 40 sessions of QEC.

Breaking out of victimhood was key - together with being willing to take responsibility for his own journey and allowing himself to become empowered. He was ready and willing to go through the metaphorical doorway, into an entirely new dimension of personal experience.

In this second seminar, I will share what he faced and had to overcome on the other side. Grappling with the discomfort of “doing well”, rather than remaining attached to depression and failure, is often harder to shift. 

However, the most important next step he had to take was to enter the matrix of his family history  - three generations of trauma. Only then was he able to finally free himself with QEC.

“There are legacies of trauma that start in one generation and are perpetuated across subsequent generations. The fact that it occurs is unquestioned and what we are finding is that it is more common and more impactful that we ever expected ” 

Dr Brian Dias - Intergenerational Trauma Researcher 2022

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