Complex PTSD - what it is and how to work with it using QEC.

c-PTSD (complex PTSD) is a severe and complex PTSD, arising usually from childhood trauma. After years of lobbying by Bessel v d Kolk, to have it included in the Psychiatric manual- the DSM 5, the American Psychiatric Association decided there wasn't enough evidence to distinguish c-PTSD as a separate condition from PTSD.

World experts on childhood trauma are teaching how vital it is to understand the difference between c-PTSD and the “once event” PTSD that is milder and less neurologically damaging.I am certainly seeing more clients whose childhood history of chronic trauma, unhealed by other methods, is leaving them trapped in c-PTSD.

The diagnostic criteria for c-PTSD include: Experiencing anxiety-producing visual or emotional flashbacks, and vivid memories of trauma in response to triggering events and going to extreme lengths to avoid environments or situations that are believed likely to provoke flashbacks or unpleasant memories.

I will share my work with one client in particular whose c-PTSD kept her in a physical and emotional prison from a young age- and how she was able to eventually escape to freedom through QEC.

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