About this training:

“The very trauma we were born to heal contains the seed of our expansion.” – Mark Wolynn, It didn't Start With You

Intergenerational Trauma is being widely researched and many are keen to learn how to work with their personal baggage carried unconsciously from previous generations. 

In 2023, I experimented with teaching both intergenerational trauma (and surrogacy work), and how to use QEC in this area. The results were amazing!  Participants shared that the shifts after clearing personal intergenerational trauma exceeded all expectations.

I am now running an individual 6-week improved and condensed program for QEC certification in IGT (ASTO3).

Note: ASTO3 requires having done ASTO1 and ASTO2 as foundation advanced training, it is essential to this course; however, they can be completed after, not necessarily before.

Do come along to this exciting and fascinating course – it will change your life!

About the QEC Advanced Training Series:

These courses are designed to provide deeper and more comprehensive training in complex areas with QEC. Over 6 weeks, Dr Melanie Salmon will share with you the strategies she has developed in response to the changing nature of her personal client work.

The highly specialised nature of each course will leave you feeling confident in your ability to work deeply and effectively in that area. Upon successful completion, you will gain certification and be listed as such on the QEC website.

Note: we do not charge any interest on our payment plans, ever. However it includes a small processing fee, which is paid directly to the service provider.

Please note the following:  

This training course is only available to Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) Practitioners who have been certified by Dr Melanie Salmon. Please do not register for this course if you are not a certified QEC Practitioner.

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