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Who it's for:
Anyone wanting to learn the QEC healing method for themselves or friends and family (non-paying clients).

5 weeks

  • Each training group will consist of 3 supervisors and 12 participants, which will be divided into smaller working groups of 4
  • Each group will have a dedicated supervisor
  • Once a week, the entire group of participants and supervisors will join me online for a live, 2-hour lecture which includes a QEC demonstration by me. 
  • During each week, supervisors will meet their groups online for a practical session, whereby the group of 4 work in pairs to practice QEC. The other two will observe.
  • At the end of the 5 weeks, a certificate of attendance will be available to participants who complete the training.
  • Throughout the 5 week period, I will meet with the supervisors online (an hour before the next lecture) to provide support and receive feedback.


In this course, Dr Melanie Salmon will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of QEC, including:


  • Using the latest understandings to work effectively with the subconscious
  • The science of how our thoughts and beliefs are shaped by our external environment
  • How our thoughts and beliefs directly influence our biology and health
  • How our thoughts and beliefs determine our experience of reality
  • The importance of working with the subconscious mind
  • How to ‘re-wire’ the neural pathways in our brain to change unwanted negative beliefs
  • Why we repeat negative patterns of behaviour and how to permanently break them
  • The role of the placebo and nocebo effects - and how we can use that information
  • The power of heart-brain coherence to relieve stress and improve health



  • Combining the most effective tools into a simple, practical and powerful method, including a basic understanding of the principles of Gestalt psychotherapy.



  • What causes stress - and how to reduce our stress levels safely, simply and effectively
  • How early childhood experiences create a blueprint for the rest of our lives
  • Vital information for healthy parenting - what is needed during crucial childhood years
  • How to use QEC to avoid ‘passing on’ limiting belief systems to our children
  • Simple and complex PTSD in children and adults - and how to heal from it using QEC
  • The power of QEC to heal ‘core wounds’
  • The true nature of additions - what they are, where they come from and how to heal from them


  • Levels of consciousness and how to change our emotional state
  • How to attract to us the experiences we prefer
  • Understanding the scarcity mentality and how to replace it with abundance
  • Manifestation the life you prefer
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