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  • Jean Branch
    United Kingdom
    QEC Practitioner, Homeopath, Nutritional Advisor, Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling in Psycho Social Framework, Certificates in Principles of End of Life Care and Understanding Cancer Support. Certified in QEC Advanced Certification Training: Crisis, Trauma and Addictions.
    +44 78 0894 0057
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Finnish
    ABOUT Jean

    I am a homeopath, nutritionist and use counselling and QEC to help every client to both heal and reach their full potential. Everyone’s needs are entirely unique and I like to use whatever therapies are best indicated to help someone on their healing journey.

    I have worked as a homeopath and nutritionist for many years and these are both incredibly effective therapies. 6 years ago I was run over and subsequently developed an autoimmune disorder, I had lots of counselling to deal with the shock and trauma, but it wasn’t until discovering QEC that I was able to fully recover. 

    QEC enabled me to deal not only with the trauma of the accident but also by helping me to discover what was underpinning the beliefs and behaviours that were holding me back. QEC is transformational and I wanted to be able to offer this therapy to my clients.