Our wonderful, global team of certified QEC practitioners are available for sessions both, online and in person. Select your preferences below to connect with the right practitioner for you.

  • Elisabeth Harrod
    New York
    Certified Parent Coach Member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Certified Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) Practitioner
    SESSIONS: Online, In person
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Elisabeth

    I am a certified Parent/Family Coach and I use QEC to offer my clients integrated treatment.

  • Fran Gourdet
    QEC Practitioner. Certified AHEAD MAP™ Coach with the International Association for a Disease-Free World (IADFW). Certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Certified Abide Counselor Helper Coach for Anxiety, Addiction, Abuse, Stress and Trauma
    +1 570-539-7076
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Fran

    Fran Gourdet was born in the Bahamas, to Haitian parents, raised in NYC and is now living in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, with a beautiful brain!

    Fran Gourdet has been certified as a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition since 2010 as an AHEAD MAP™ Coach (MTGA) of the IADFW with Dr. Rashid Buttar, and as an Abide Network Counselor Helper/Coach with Dr. Jennifer J. Schwirzer.

    Fran uses her knowledge and skills to educate and empower those she works with by bringing the various facets of wellness to the consciousness of her clients, enabling them to recognize their own responsibility in the healing process (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially).

    She says, "Enabling others to reach their highest potential and magnify their purpose by empowering and teaching them to take control of their health has been a lifelong passion of mine."

    She brings respect, compassion and integrity to her work, creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows for healing to take place on myriad levels. She is currently working on her certification as a Professional Brain Health Coach with Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics.

    Why did you choose a career in Coaching?

    Once upon a time I wanted to be a psychiatrist but I never liked the idea of prescribing drugs nor having people sit with me for years of therapy. I wanted to ensure that they were healed as quickly and as effectively as possible. Growing up I was always taught that “something better” was the key to education. Dr. Salmon´s first book "There Has to be Another Way"; mirrors my own experience as most of my instructions emphasized the health of the physical body. I missed the power of the mind on the body and vice versa. QEC Coaching not only bridges that gap, but emphasizes the power of the mind, the subconscious, on the body and one’s reality.

    What do you like best about Coaching?

    Being present for others by providing that safe space for the interaction of the individual with his/her own heart.

    How do you recharge on your time off?

    I am a life-long learner of health and healing, both of mind and body. I am especially fascinated learning about neuroscience, so I enjoy reading. I also enjoy taking walks with one or two of my neighbors, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and nature. When relaxing at home I will – kindly – tease my cat, seek out new vegan recipes and work on one of many Tunisian crochet projects.

    What are your three favorite things?

    I love learning new things, and developed a love for teaching as I learned early on that it was the best way to retain information. I also enjoy DIY projects like Tunisian crochet and trying new recipes which include food, herbal remedies and hair care.

    You can connect with me at https://frangourdet.com/fgcdiscovery to schedule a “discovery” call.  Be sure to mention that you found me on QECLiving.com for a 10% discount.

  • Dr Ashton Joyce
    North Carolina
    Physician – Advanced Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, QEC Practitioner
    +1 704-895-9355
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Dr Ashton

    Physician – Advanced Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine.

  • Joy Fosster
    Portland, Oregon
    QEC practitioner
    +1 971 678-7001
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Joy

    Supporting self empowerment is my passion and my mission. I have fortunate to have travelled widely, living in Europe and South Africa, raised two wonderful children, and had a thriving psychotherapy practice. Topping the list - the incredible well being and personal growth i've gained from QEC. 

    I now have experience, confidence and positive beliefs that I never dreamed possible. If you are drawn to dissolving limiting beliefs and creating the life you truly desire, I invite you to contact me.

  • Bonnie Debbo
    Boulder Colorado
    QEC practitioner, Kinesiologist, EFT practitioner, Relationship coach.
    SESSIONS: Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Afrikaans
    ABOUT Bonnie

    I am diversely trained as a QEC practitioner and Kinesiologist, EFT practitioner and relationship coach.  I have extensive international corporate business experience as well as over 10years as alternative healer. I am a mother, wife, friend and coach. Over the past 15 years I've used my vast experience and training committed to and dedicated to the healing of others. I am a South African native with Lebanese heritage and love all cultures and respect our differences as human beings.  Some core values are,  integrity and compassion and empathy to treat everyone's experience with tenderness and without any  judgement. ... I treat all beings with love and respect. I look forward to connecting with you. ... with love and light..

  • John Charles Francis
    West Virginia
    QEC practitioner, TRE facilitator
    +1 540 521 5105
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT John Charles

    Working with QEC and TRE I have safe, gentle modalities that allow me the privilege of helping you find ways to greatly improve your quality of life

  • Danny Cardiel
    Long Beach
    QEC practitioner
    +1 562-221-9564
    SESSIONS: Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Danny

    Utilizing QEC in my practice, I discovered in me an even deeper passion for helping others toward Health and Wellness. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. QEC has given me an avenue to assist others and hold a sacred place for them to be seen, heard, and understood. Without judgement.

    QEC is a beautiful modality that deals with the Subconscious Mind, where all the Power resides. QEC is Immediate, Permanent, Completely Safe, and it is Easy to Do.

    By combining QEC and my knowledge of Health and Wellness, I am continually amazed and truly grateful to experience seeing some of my clients blossom into becoming and discovering the “Real Me” inside each of them.

    I have also had the distinct pleasure of mentoring others in their quest to become QEC Practitioners. QEC supervision has given me a unique understanding of the QEC process. It has been an experience I will always cherish. And it has been very rewarding to observe our new trainees dedicate their time to learning QEC and becoming Certified QEC Practitioners.

    I invite you to join me for a QEC Upgrade!

    We can experience all of this by simply arranging a Zoom call to work with me remotely while you enjoy the comfort of being in your own home.