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  • Cristina Coello
    Mont-ral, Spain
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    QEC practitioner, Meditation Expert, Intuitive Reader.
    SESSIONS: Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
    ABOUT Cristina

    Cristina has always been intrigued with the knowledge of the self. Driven by the desire for growth, she has explored many different avenues in the healing, spirituality and creativity arenas. 

    She has 18 years of experience in Intuitive Tarot and she is an expert in meditation and spirituality exploration. 

    During the last year, fueled by the desire to overcome and understand her own mental health and anxiety, she found QEC. Experiencing the results in herself, she certified in it and is passionate about helping others resolve trauma and limiting beliefs. 

    This journey led her to a complete change in her approach to the study of the Self, leaving her meditation community behind.

    Helping people break their internal patterns and experience true freedom, is her motivator. 

    Originally from Mexico, she has lived in different countries and currently resides in Spain. 

    - - -


    A Cristina siempre le ha intrigado el conocimiento del ser. Guiada por el deseo de crecer, ha explorado distintos caminos en los ámbitos de sanación, espiritualidad y creatividad.

    Tiene 18 años de experiencia en tarot intuitivo y más de 11 años en meditación y la exploración de la espiritualidad.

    En el último año, llevada por el deseo de superar y entender su propia salud mental y ansiedad, encontró QEC.

    Experimentando los resultados en ella misma, se certificó y le apasiona ayudar a otros a resolver trauma y creencias limitantes. 

    Este viaje la llevó a cambiar por completo su acercamiento al estudio del Ser, dejando atrás su comunidad de meditación. 

    Ayudar a las personas a romper con los patrones internos y experimentar verdadera libertad, es su motivador. 

    Mexicana de nacimiento, ha vivido en varios países y actualmente vive en España. 

  • Sabine Schalk
    Yoga instructor trainer, physiotherapist, QEC practitioner, Life coach
    +34 606 26 51 97
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish, German
    ABOUT Sabine

    From my early 16 years on I was driven by a deep wish of understanding life and finding “really working tools” to release my own suffering and the one I saw around me.

    So now I am looking back at 40 professional years, a combination of three ways:

    The first one is the spiritual experience of what our “real nature” is, when all the programming from traumas, culture, environment and education are released. Therefore, I went deeply into the Yoga practice, Meditation and the Japanese way of tea ceremony.

    The second one leads me to integrate the body in the healing process. I studied different massage techniques, working especially in the field of cancer in a German hospital. I also became a practitioner of Chinese medicine, applying Shiatsu. Sound and energy medicine followed.

    The third one came from the knowledge that our thinking has a direct influence on our whole-body system. My work as a coach really got powerful when Quantum physics went in.

    My studies of the resurge of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden

    etc. pointing to that 95% of our beliefs coming from our subconscious,

    were completed when I was trained by Dr. Melanie Salmon, the founder of QEC.

    As a QEC Practitioner, I am especially grateful to Dr. Melanie Salmon, the Founder of QEC, that really is a deep, powerful life changing method and was the missing puzzle in my work.

    I very much welcome you to QEC Coaching with me, which can be hold in English, German and Spanish language at TAO CENTER and Zoom /Skype are also possible.

  • Sally Beale
    QEC Practitioner, Law Degree, Reading Uni LLB Hons, TRE Practitioner
    +34 616 028 250
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
    ABOUT Sally

    My interest in QEC developed following a lifetime of working with therapies and lifestyle techniques such as Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic healing, Spiritual Awareness and latterly TRE, as well as conventional psychotherapy and other talk therapies. 

    Experience has shown me that these are beneficial for calming the mind and reducing feelings of isolation, but they do not, of themselves, heal the innermost traumas that may be hiding inside a person. 

    In contrast, I have seen in working with QEC that this can radically and immediately alter self-limiting beliefs. By gently uncovering deeply held negative feelings, often stemming from childhood or adult trauma, QEC can simply and effectively eradicate these. 

    It has been a revelation to me how the simplest of childhood experiences can affect the way we live our lives, and how what to us may never have been acknowledged as traumatic can have an ongoing negative effect on our future selves. Early life circumstances can be extremely traumatic to a very young child, and can stay within the subconscious mind, creating unhealthy adult behaviour patterns and negative beliefs about oneself and others. 

    I believe that QEC is the New Medicine, a way to avoid or heal illnesses resulting from inner grief or suppressed anger, sadness, depression, shame, guilt, lack of purpose, self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence.  

    QEC really can change your life. I know, it has changed mine, and I am here to help you change yours.I like to think that my style is personal and relaxed, providing a nurturing environment within a framework of safety. Safety has been my major barrier, so I identify mostly with people feeling unsafe and too vulnerable to share, there is time always to take things as slow as the client needs to. Space to explore and consider options that they had hither to seemed out of reach for them.

  • Rachel V. Lyons
    QEC practitioner, TRE® provider, Yoga nidrā & mindful movement teacher, Bowen therapist
    +34 69 995 4296
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
    ABOUT Rachel V.

    I work with holistic mind body modalities that help tap into our self–healing capacities offering clients different approaches for the management and recovery of stress related issues (pain, tension, trauma, anxiety & others). 

    I am seeing how all these approaches can be combined with QEC enhancing and speeding up results. It’s truly a pleasure to work with and see clients transform at so many levels and I am grateful to be able to work in a collaborative, respectful and supportive way, I create a safe holding space for clients to embark on their journey and celebrate seeing how they spring back to life becoming empowered (at quantum speed) as they joyfully take charge of their own life and transcend issues and limiting beliefs and are able to reconnect with their inner/higher self/wisdom. 

    One of the most gentle, simple and effective life changing experiences I have ever had was my QEC Coaching and training as it has/is gently carrying me through the difficult times in life and empowering me towards a better understanding of who I am and living more joyfully and from a space of trust, awe and humbleness.

  • Alice Roorda
    utch licensed clinical Psychologist (MSc, Drs, NIP, FSP), Certified TRE® Provider and QEC Practitioner, specialist in Stress and Trauma.
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Dutch
    ABOUT Alice

    Alice Roorda is a Dutch licensed clinical Psychologist (MSc, Drs, NIP, FSP), Certified TRE® Provider and QEC Practitioner, specialist in Stress and Trauma. 

    She works abroad for the last 20+ years in the humanitarian sector, mental health clinics and in her own practice. 

    From Mallorca, Spain she now provides therapy and runs courses, workshops, events within her The Power of Authenticity movement. 

    She combines proven practices, to support people to return to their true authentic self. 

    Alice’s approach takes away one’s packaging, patters, stressors, trauma, self-limiting beliefs and imprints on a core level. 

    The authentic self that remains is a state of being, full of self-love, connections, gratitude, confidence, clarity and inner-guidance. 

    Her work promotes: love, laughter and lightness in life. 

    “QEC is a strongly incorporated in my work, as it has the ability to create profound changes at the root cause of limitations and obstacles in life”, says Alice Roorda.

    Alice works online through Zoom and live. She is fluent in English and Dutch. 

    M: alice@thepowerofauthenticity.com

    W: www.thepowerofauthenticity.com

    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerofAuthenticity

    FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePowerofAuthenticity

    L:    http://www.linkedin/in/aliceroorda