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  • Eleni Asteriadi
    I recommend Reflexology after every QEC session to offer my clients integrated treatment options.There is a wonderful synergy in combining QEC with Reflexology, as Reflexology safely releases muscle tension, calms the nervous system, and allows your body to return to a state of balance, in alignment with your mind and soul.
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    SESSIONS: Online, In person
    LANGUAGE: Greek, English
    ABOUT Eleni

    I am a holistic therapist with training in many healing techniques. Drawing from my education, experience, knowledge and personal quest in various healing fields and spiritual paths, I offer a holistic approach to my sessions.

    QEC came into my life as a blessing during a difficult time. The release I experienced from childhood trauma was powerful. I thought I had overcome it with everything I had already done and was surprised to discover the pain still lurking inside me. QEC won me over immediately, as did Dr Melanie’s simplicity, directness and love. It did not take long for me to experience significant changes in my life.

    QEC addresses the issue at its root – the underlying belief, and this is one of the reasons I love working with it, as I, as a holistic therapist, tend to look at the root cause of any discomfort or issue that concerns the person who comes to me with the goal of aligning their body, mind, and spirit to enjoy a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. By establishing new positive and affirming beliefs with QEC at the subconscious level the transformation will be a wonderful experience.

    It is a true blessing when I see the sparkle in people´s eyes as they get to the root cause of what´s bothering them, or the liberating feeling they experience from traumas and beliefs that have shaped their decisions and ultimately their lives for years. I feel blessed and honored when they call with joy to tell me about the changes and transformation, they are experiencing in their lives with QEC.

    QEC is transformative, therapeutic, safe, easy, and yet powerful and its results are permanent. QEC helps you change the thoughts and belief patterns that have settled over time in your subconscious mind through a multitude of causes.

    For me as a holistic therapist creating a warm human relationship is an integral part of healing. Accompanying people on their healing journey is my life´s mission. I would be honored to support your own journey in a safe, open-hearted, non-judgmental healing space.

    I work online and in person in my place in Athens. I invite you to discuss what changes you want to make in your life so that you can live the life you want and deserve without limitations.