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  • Melanie Roe
    United Kingdom
    QEC Practitioner
    +44 7458378684
    SESSIONS: Online, In person
    LANGUAGE: English, Spanish
    ABOUT Melanie

    I discovered QEC during Covid lock down and what a Phenomenal healing modality it is!  

    QEC has been such an effective stand alone tool that has helped me personally overcome my battle with anxiety. I just had to train in this!  Quantum energy therapy is helping so many around the world heal their anxiety, Ptsd and many other trauma related issues. 

    Using the QEC method I will help you to identify subconscious limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world around you that only serve to hold you back in life preventing you from living life to the full. 

    Let's reprogram those subconscious negative beliefs that are holding you back and lets create positive thought patterns that will enable you not just to survive, but THRIVE!  

    QEC is perfectly safe and does not involve hypnosis or meditation  of any sort.. My client is fully aware and present throughout the whole process and they lead the session. Looking forward to hearing from you.