Our wonderful, global team of certified QEC practitioners are available for sessions both, online and in person. Select your preferences below to connect with the right practitioner for you.

  • Sara Vafai-Blom
    QEC practitioner and training supervisor, Psychotherapist, meditation teacher, Fascial Flow instructor, supervisor, sociologist.
    +45 30 641 612
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Danish
    ABOUT Sara

    I find that QEC is a wonderful method for lasting change that can help a person to a state, where his or her heart takes the lead in life.

    I use QEC as a supplement to the psychotherapeutic work I do with clients.

    I am a Fascia Release therapist and use QEC to offer my clients integrated treatment options.

    I offer QEC online.

    You are very welcome to contact me for more information.

  • Gaia Prem
    Psychotherapist, bodyworker, spiritual coach, meditation teacher, musician and shaman. Offering sessions, classes and Retreats.
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Gaia

    QEC certified since may 2018

    Advanced TRE Provider, working with TRE since 2010.

    Sessions work very well online, in Zoom video calls.

    In-clinic sessions are possible in Copenhagen, Denmark

    I warmly recommend applying the TRE exercises along with your QEC processing.

    For creating the changes you desire, the combination of these techniques are the most dynamic and potent possibility I have encountered.

    Special offers,😄😄 online or in clinic:

    QEC package deals: https://www.agehaprem.dk/449851386

    TRE package deal including QEC session: https://www.agehaprem.dk/413961686

    Read more about QEC: https://www.agehaprem.dk/449851386

    More about Ageha Prem and her background for providing QEC: https://www.agehaprem.dk/442902657