Our wonderful, global team of certified QEC practitioners are available for sessions both, online and in person. Select your preferences below to connect with the right practitioner for you.

  • Kristy Gordon
    Armidale, NSW
    QEC practitioner
    +61 4 1495 6934
    SESSIONS: Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Kristy

    In early 2021, my QEC journey began. After healing my own trauma, deep wounds and blocks, and learning the true power of deep forgiveness, I moved into working online as a practitioner supporting others to do similar.

    I am based in NSW, Australia, and am a home educating mum to three. I am also a partner, gardener, tea drinker and nature lover, who feels at home with my bare feet on the Earth and a book in my hands.

    Life has been quite a journey for me, and over the last decade I have reconnected to my inner knowing. Now initiated, I walk the Shamanic path.

    The sessions I offer are warm, intuitive, and non judgmental...with a side of humour thrown in. My intention is to lovingly hold the space and support you to open up and share. Then, we work together to unhinge self-limiting beliefs, release trauma, and move through any resistance, as you evolve into who you truly are. 

    The simple, easy, effective, and short term approach that QEC offers, is defiantly the transformational medicine that today’s world needs. 

    I invite you to email me at kristy@hartwoodhealing.com to book in a free 15 minute discovery call to ask any questions you may have, and to meet prior to booking sessions. 

  • Tiffany Shutes
    South AUZ
    QEC practitioner, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist
     +61 437921900
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Tiffany

    My passion is to facilitate true, permanent healing for my clients. I do this by creating a safe space and a healing, nurturing relationship with my clients.

    We work together to let go of their past traumas and create a joy filled future. I am continually surprised by the results my clients get in just a short period of time. QEC still amazes me!

    I work via zoom so can work easily with anyone in Australia or around the world. I have found that QEC is the perfect modality for use in these modern times.

    Using zoom my clients and I are able to get extremely close without having to worry about spending time traveling to meet in person, I also find my clients are more relaxed because they can work with me from the comfort of their own home.

    If you have questions feel free to email or text me and we will arrange a time to chat.