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  • Jodie Vass
    QEC Practitioner
    +61 417 737 727
    SESSIONS: Online, In person
    LANGUAGE: English
    ABOUT Jodie

    I am a caring and compassionate therapist fortunate to be able to combine my passions, interests and qualifications to support clients on their personal healing journeys. 

    Having worked in education for 17 years teaching and guiding high school students through both academic successes and personal challenges, I then took some time to pursue my love of learning while raising my 3 children. It was through my desire to understand myself, others, relationships, early attachment and inevitably trauma that led me to the incredible healing modality QEC.

    QEC has been the greatest part of my own healing journey and I feel privileged and thankful to be able to offer it to my clients. I am still blown away each week by the amazing capacity for growth, change, happiness and freedom that my clients experience following their QEC sessions. Having personally trialled a number of other healing modalities, nothing had come close to the incredible, life-changing power of working with the sub-conscious mind through QEC.

    I would love the opportunity to work with you if you feel drawn to my profile. I work with clients both in person in Sydney, Australia, and also online via zoom. I have been fortunate to meet and work with clients from all over the world and I feel incredibly proud to have built my business from word of mouth referrals from those wonderful clients.

    Wishing you love and healing, 

    Jodie x