International QEC Practitioner Training equips students to work with this unique body-based tool designed to install new positive beliefs at the subconscious level of mind. It is an experiential process over 4 full days. Follow up personal or group supervisor afterwards is available with the trainer Dr Salmon.

QEC training will offer participants the opportunity to focus on personal development as well as the ability to work with clients, in whatever field they would like to integrate this tool. The combination of QEC with TRE is especially useful for trauma work. It is also an invaluable addition to anyone who works with clients in helping professions, such as education.

The training style consists of large group process, fishbowl demonstrations, dyad work, teaching sessions and feedback sessions. Trainees are encouraged to practice between sessions in buddy pairs.


A full colour coursework manual is provided and a QEC certificate will be awarded to all students who have attended all 4 days and completed the course.

QEC students in South Africa (above) and Warsaw, Poland (below) learning the technique.
Who is QEC Practitioner Training for?

This 4 day intensive training program is aimed at anyone interested in integrating a simple, effective tool for change into what they currently do. It is especially effective when combined with other modalities such as:


  • Mainstream professions e.g. medicine
  • Coaching and psychotherapy
  • Teaching and educating children and adults
  • Trauma Releasing Exercise
  • Sports coaching and mentorship
  • Alternative healing modalities


That being said, QEC works beautifully when practiced as a stand-alone modality.

What is involved?

Participants will learn to work with this unique body-based tool designed to install new positive beliefs at the subconscious level of mind. QEC training offers participants the opportunity to focus on personal development and working with clients. Advised pre-course reading: “The Biology of Belief”, by Dr. Bruce Lipton.


DAY 1: Learning the QEC Technique


DAY 2: The Neuroscience Behind QEC


DAY 3: Working with Childhood Trauma and Addictions


DAY 4: Manifesting the Life You Want



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International QEC Training 2018 / 19
27 November - 1 December 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
Theatre Guleor, Unit 3, 22 Mansfield Street
Sept 2019: Scotland - RESIDENTIAL
June 2019: Warsaw, Poland
May 2019: Marbella, Spain
February 2019: Athens, Greece
December 2018: Birmingham, UK
November 2018: Prague, Czechoslovakia
May 2018: Cape Town, South Africa
For booking enquiries and registration, please contact:

Spain and other countries: Dr Salmon


    1. South Africa: Simone Burns


“The Quantum Energy Coaching experience was extraordinary. It is a simple, yet deeply effective methodology that works immediately. I was hooked from day one and now practice it daily. Since completing the course, I have used it with a few clients who are dealing with self-limiting beliefs and they have reported good and steady progress.

The facilitator, Dr Melanie Salmon is a beautiful embodiment of her training. She does not teach what she herself does not practice, which makes the process extremely dynamic. The training was systematic and consisted of a healthy dose of practice and theory and innovative use of technology. I would recommend it to professionals and laypersons alike who want to make a difference in their lives, and their lives of others.”
Lucille Meyer (BA, M.Ed, MBA) CEO of Chrysalis Academy, Western Cape
Video Testimonial
Dr Herman Spies
An Integrative GP from Cape Town, Dr Spies shares his personal and professional experience of QEC with Dr Salmon, founder and trainer.
Video Testimonial
Jerome Jacobs
Diversity and Change Management Consultant from
Cape Town, South Africa
Video Testimonial
Lemeez Gasant
Educational Psychologist,
Cape Town, South Africa
Video Testimonial
Simon Francis
QEC Practitioner,
Cape Town, South Africa
Video Testimonial
William Loots
Teacher, Musician and Songwriter,
Bloemfontein, South Africa
Video Testimonial
Elsmie Otto
QEC practitioner, TRE® provider, Chakradance® facilitator
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