The 4-day QEC Certification Training Course has been designed mainly for personal use and may be used with family and friends.  For those professionals who already have therapeutic qualifications and communication skills, e.g. Medical Doctors and Psychotherapists/ Counselors, the QEC method may be easily added as an extra tool in their therapeutic toolkit. For those without a clinical or therapeutic training background and would like to work with QEC with clients, additional training and supervision is required.

Supervision and further QEC Training in 2019


Dr. Salmon is piloting a range of post certification supervision programs in Europe which include:

  • Internet individual supervision
  • Internet group supervision (groups up to 6 over 2 hours) on a regular monthly basis
  • Supervision 3 day weekends, possibly in Barcelona, for deepening personal and professional process


Ongoing personal QEC development


Dr Salmon recommends that all people attending the QEC training continue to work on their own process and develop their skills through the following:

  • Working with buddy partners online or live
  • Working with advanced QEC practitioners individually online or live



For more information on individual or group supervision and for a list of recommended experienced QEC practitioners, please contact Dr Melanie Salmon

“Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a wonderful tool, that has, over the years assisted me to access and release deeply held limiting beliefs. I believe that as a practitioner you are only as good as the amount of time you are prepared to invest in yourself. Continually “sharpening the saw” enables me to help my clients in a more deep and meaningful way. The supervision sessions that Melanie offers are great opportunities to “dig deeper” but also to learn from what other practitioners share during the sessions.

Melanie “walks her talk” and structures the sessions according to the needs of the participants. Her strong intuition and ability to connect with each participant, guarantees that each person always leaves the sessions having gained so much. Thank you Melanie for all you that are and for what you selflessly bring to each session.”
Wendy Scurr, Cape Town, South Africa
“I find attending QEC supervision incredibly helpful and empowering. This is a safe place where we share our experiences and challenges with clients and get valuable feedback from Dr. Melanie Salmon as well as from peers. Listening to other QEC practitioners’ experiences broadens our own framework of reference. We also get opportunities to practice QEC on each other under supervision.

I always find Dr. Salmon’s input very valuable. QEC Supervision is personally very nurturing and enriching. Before we start, we get an opportunity to check in and share what is going on in our lives, good or bad! I love the talks and we are free to give input and to ask questions. I am always amazed about how relevant the topics are to me personally! I leave QEC Supervision on a high note, feeling empowered and supported!”
Suzette Böhme, Somerset West, South Africa
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