Introduction to Gestalt Counselling Skills Training

is now available as an online training course.

Dr. Salmon taught a six-day Introduction to Gestalt Training course in Cape Town for two years before leaving South Africa in July 2018. She designed the course with QEC and TRE practitioners in mind. It enhances communication skills and deepens understanding in the process of a therapeutic relationship.




We are now able to offer the original six-day course online for you to access whenever you like. This six-day course was filmed live in February 2018 when Dr. Salmon held her last training in Cape Town, South Africa.





The online course consists of:

  • Lectures in PowerPoint
  • Demonstrations by Dr. Salmon with her students
  • Group process and Q&A


For more information and to purchase the Gestalt online training course, click HERE

Gestalt Practical Learning in 2019
Dr. Salmon is offering two-day experiential Gestalt process weekend workshops for hands-on experience and application of the Gestalt learning. It is available for those who have done the online Gestalt Introductory training first. It will be held at regular intervals Europe during 2019.
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QEC Manager


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Acupuncture & Chinese medicine
Advanced TRE Provider and Quantum Energy Coach, Cape Town, South Africa

"At the end of the Basic Gestalt Counselling Skills with Dr Salmon my feedback was that it was like “coming home”………. it brought together for me an approach and way of Being that resonated so profoundly with what I had somehow known deep inside for so long, yet hadn’t been able to access fully. For me personally the best aspect was just how experiential the course was – from the expert modelling of Gestalt principles, tools and experiments, to the “live” fish bowl, individual and group participations, I just loved the way Melanie has of transmitting knowledge WITHOUT getting into heady theory. It felt so easy, natural and yet powerful that I immediately incorporated it in my life, my therapeutic work as an acupuncturist, TRE provider and my role as a TRE assistant trainer – I feel it has given me the missing string in my bow – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Melanie."
TRE and QEC practitioner, Prague 2018

"Gestalt truly is the container for any other work. It took my work as a TRE practitioner and QEC practitioner to another level. Having had the experience of being heard, seen and understood myself, I am now able to offer this to my clients. In fact, it has become a part of my way of life. The most important shift I've experienced as a practitioner, is the deep respect for where each client is at and the ability to meet them in this place, free of judgment or the need to change them. Not only do my clients find it empowering and effective, I also feel more at ease and present with the process."
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