Frequently asked questions about the process and the training.
The QEC Process
QEC Training and Supervision
  • Our QEC Practitioner Certification Training Programme runs entirely online via zoom.us. The duration is 20 weeks in total: Module 1 (theory and group practice) is 7 weeks and Module 2 (Online internship) extends over 12 weeks. There is one week holiday between modules. For more information, please visit the ´Courses´ page of this website.

  • Farmers, photographers, doctors, accountants, stay-at-home mothers. QEC training appeals to a wide diversity of people who want to live better, fuller lives and be able to share this with others.

  • None. QEC Practitioner training is open to anyone who is interested. QEC certification provides a stand-alone modality or an additional tool for those who already work with clients in helping professions.

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