SEAL Session 9: Boarding School Syndrome - 2 Apr 24 (6-8.30pm, UK time)

SEAL Session 9: Boarding School Syndrome - 2 Apr 24 (6-8.30pm, UK time)

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SESSION 8: Boarding School Syndrome

Abandonment, pain and abuse.

In my previous trainings, we have focused mainly on the impact of a “trauma template” that has been created by principle carers during the 0-7 year age group. 

What happens in the brain, if during those years (age 0-7) was a good-enough childhood, but the child is sent to boarding school (age 7-8), believing it “to be best”, as part of necessary cultural conditioning?

In this session I will share my QEC work with a client - his devastating trauma of abandonment and how he was forced to adjust. Compounding his  traumatic experience, was the grooming and abuse by an older boy who offered “kindness and care” - leading to sexual slavery instead of protection and support.

We’ll also take a closer look at the issues he has carried with him into his adult life and personal relationships.


The book “Stiff Upper Lip” says:

“No other culture sends its young boys and girls away to school to prepare them for a role in the ruling class. Beatings, bullying, fagging, cold baths, vile food and paedophile teachers are just some of the features of this elite education- leading some to life altering trauma and psychological damage”

Alex Renton

Furthermore, Robert Verkaik in the book “Posh Boys” says,

Despite old boys appearing to embody leadership traits, neuroscience shows that boarding school education is poor training for leadership because good decisions are not made without emotional information” Anthony Damasio research