SEAL Session 10: Couples therapy with QEC - 2 May 24 (9-11.30am, UK time)

SEAL Session 10: Couples therapy with QEC - 2 May 24 (9-11.30am, UK time)

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SESSION 10: Couple therapy with QEC

A ground-breaking way to work with couples.

Many years ago, as a Gestalt Therapist, I did couples therapy with pure Gestalt. 

The value of a being a “witness,”  in a session, is unmistakable. When a couple is invited to dialogue about their issues and express why they are unhappy - and I am able to listen and understand where the blocks to communication are, in that moment I am able to shed light on what each of them cannot see. It's fruitful and powerful. 

Adding QEC to this process may in fact provide a deeper and more lasting change within the relationship.

Having been approached a few times of late, I have been exploring couples therapy with QEC to see if it works. And it can!  

I will be sharing my new ground-breaking and fun method of working with a young couple, who have given me permission to record these sessions.

My intention in 2024, is to create a simple but effective training eventually for those QEC practitioners who would like to use couples therapy as part of their armoury.

Do come along anyway and see how it works.