Origins of QEC

A note from the founder, Dr. Melanie Salmon

“The limitations of mainstream medical practice were a constant frustration and it was clear that medications and lengthy talk therapies, while helpful at times, were largely ineffective in alleviating the cause of most stress.”

Dr. Melanie Salmon

I am a South African medical doctor with 40 years of experience in General Practice in the UK. During this time, I also trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy in the UK and Cleveland, USA. For 15 years I practiced Gestalt Psychotheraphy alongside mainstream medicine before developing QEC.

Neuroscience and the birth of QEC

A key turning point for me came with the discovery of the ground-breaking work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book “The Biology of Belief”. He showed scientifically, that the foundation of most ailments lies in negative, limiting thinking. According to Lipton, we are not controlled by our genes, but by the environment outside the cell (epigenetic influences)- with the most powerful of these being our thoughts.

Lipton was the first to show that if we want to make permanent changes in our lives, we need to find methods able to change thinking at the subconscious level of the mind.

And so I begain to immerse myself in the field of Neuroscience, studying a range of new ‘Energy Medicine’ modalities that lead to actual, physical changes in the brain. From this melting pot emerged QEC.

“After 12 years of intensive psychotherapy, my own core issues remained uchanged: self worth, self belief and self acceptance. In a very short time with QEC, I transformed my negative self-talk and I now live life from a platform of authentic self-acceptance.”

Dr. Melanie Salmon
Dr. Salmon in her home, Somerset West, 2015
What is QEC and how does the process work?

QEC is based in neuroscience and is a combination of:


Gestalt Coaching – to clarify issues
Focused Intention – to install new beliefs
Brain Gym – to facilitate learning at a deep level
Cardiac Coherence – to set the energy field appropriate for core learning
Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis – to develop new neural pathways in the brain
Kinesiology – to test that the new beliefs have been successfully installed


Very simply, the process involves the client and QEC practitioner working together to choose new thought patterns and behaviours to replace negative limiting ones. These are then installed in the subconscious mind using a specific body position.


The client is fully conscious at all times and the process is quick, easy and effortless. Once installed, the new beliefs are permanent and the change is profound.

“QEC is revolutionary.
I think it has the capacity to change the world dramatically.”

Sheila Barsel, South Africa
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