Our wonderful, global team of certified QEC practitioners are available for sessions both, online and in person. Select your preferences below to connect with the right practitioner for you.

  • Agnieszka Nawrot
    Gestalt Psychotherapist, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner
    +48 501041357
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Polish
    ABOUT Agnieszka

    I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, translator, TRE provider, Peter Hess Sound Massage practitioner and now QEC practitioner.

    My humorous motto is: “Impossible things I can manage to do right away, miracles take a little longer.” :-)

    I believe, as Buddha did, that who we are today is a result of our thoughts from yesterday, and these combined with our current thoughts create our future.

    In my experience, I rephrase this sentence by saying that who we are today is a result of our yesterday's thoughts and feelings, being and actions, and simultaneously our current thoughts, feelings, being and actions create our future life.

    QEC is the tool which I experience as the dot over the i letter :-) while working with consciousness.

  • Eliza Czyżewska
    QEC practitioner, Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, Meditation instructor, TRE® Provider, EFT and Cellular EFT Trainer
    +48 532 000 585
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Polish
    ABOUT Eliza

    I help people find peace and joy. I strongly believe that each of us is made of a bodily, emotional and spiritual element. Therefore, I look at every piece of life or difficulty that we experience holistically, combining knowledge and experience from many areas. For many years I have been exploring the knowledge of dealing with excessive stress, addiction, anxiety and trauma. Now that I have discovered QEC, I have found the missing piece that I have been looking for a long time. I'm sure QEC will make the world a better place.

  • Jolanta Mierzwa
    Gestalt psychotherapist, Gestalt supervisor, coach, QEC practitioner
    +48 607 814 768
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, Italian, Polish
    ABOUT Jolanta

    In my work, I integrate all my qualifications to provide the client with the help he is asking for.

  • Benedicte Flouriot
    QEC practitioner, Career & Leadership Coach, PCC - Professional Certified Coach designation with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Co-Active Professional Certified Coach from the Coaching Training Institute (CTI), Certified Practitioner of the Strong Interest Inventory, the world's most trusted and widely used career planning tool, Master’s Degree in Career Consulting from the Université Paris X Nanterre, France. MBA in International Hospitality Management from the Essec Business School Paris, France.
    +1 5149 804 078
    SESSIONS: In person, Online
    LANGUAGE: English, French
    ABOUT Benedicte

    I built my career in the luxury hospitality industry, working in companies of different sizes and cultures across the Middle East, Europe and North America. While my last position was Director of Marketing and Communications, I now focus on helping individuals find their meaning and unlock their potential.

    As a Career & Leadership Coach, I work with clients across industries and continents to find the career they were meant for and ways to excel within it.

    Over the years, I came across clients who were lacking confidence, stuck in their beliefs and not able to dream or envision their career change because of self-limiting beliefs.

    I trained as a QEC practitioner in 2020 to better support my clients, help them heal from trauma, get rid of mental blocks and defense mechanisms that are no longer serving them to manifest the life they deserve.

    I now offer my QEC services as part of my coaching but also as a separate solution for:

    • Fear of missing out

    • Scarcity

    • Lack of confidence

    • Self-worth

    • Validation

    • Relationships

    • Fear of failure

    • Procrastination

    • Decision making

    • Burn out

    • Psychological abuse

    • Creativity

    • Abundance

    I believe in helping people grow, transform and achieve beyond their ambitions.

    Curiosity, precision, hope, one size fits one, work, autonomy, and authenticity are key to my practice.

    I live between Montreal, Canada and Lyon, France and coach clients around the world over video calls. I am fully fluent in English and French and offer my services in both languages.