This November, I was invited to join my team of Scottish QEC practitioners in their home country to raise awareness around trauma, and healing it through QEC. Scotland is the first country in the world to be recognised as ‘ACE Aware’, which means that childhood trauma has now been recognised as a root cause for some of the serious issues in Scottish society today.


The government is responding with urgency, introducing all kinds of initiatives to educate the public and ultimately heal its traumatised community. As a result, four main sectors: medical, education, care and legal, are actively being trained to better understand childhood trauma and it’s lasting effects into adulthood.


The purpose of my trip was clear: to offer QEC as a solution for healing.


I met with public groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, who openly received QEC with positive curiosity. I was immediately touched by the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people, who wouldn’t leave the talk without a handshake or hug.



“You have come at the right time… we know about our trauma but don’t know how to recover from it”, said one of the audience members.


I then went on to introduce QEC to some key members within the organisations of higher education (Siobhan Argyle), legal care systems and prisons (Iain Smith), and social child care (Pauline Scott). Being a quick, safe, effective and inexpensive healing tool, we discussed how QEC might be integrated into their programmes in 2020.


A very special and sincere, thank you, to the Scottish QEC team who planned the entire roadshow and supported me every step of the way. Frankie and Fiona, I’m forever grateful to you for hosting me in your lovely home and for the many laughs around the dinner table. I enjoyed every moment of the experience and look forward to continue the healing work of QEC in Scotland.



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