The first QEC Practitioner training was held in Birmingham 3-6 May 2018.  It was a wonderful success on every level.  Most of the people attending had already met me the previous year when I ran a TRE for Children workshop in London.  I had mentioned the wisdom of combining QEC with TRE for ” Integrated Trauma Healing”… a holistic mind-body approach.


There were 19 people from 10 different countries in the training group and the four days was intensive yet hugely transformative for those who took part. The topics covered included working with childhood trauma, adult trauma and addictions.  Possibly the most fun was had on the last day when we turned our attention to how to manifest our dreams.  Many skeptics were in the group but seemed to have changed their views as the training progressed and they discovered their inner capacity to ACTUALLY change.


A big thank you to Claire Wilson from CHEW Initiatives who did the ground work in making the training happen in the UK, assisted by Agnieszka Nawrot from Poland.


I want to thank my two South African assistants, Elsmie and Wendy for providing such solid facilitated help in the triad group process work.


My intention is that this bonded group will continue with further supervision support and deepening process work.  Good-bye to you all and may your lives continue to grow better each day.


Melanie TRE and QEC Trainer.


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