QEC in Athens February 2019

QEC in Athen 28 February – 3 March 2019

I had a most wonderful QEC training recently in Athens. It was a smallish group ( 11 participants and 4 assistants ) in a lovely small training room in the heart of the city. We were allowed to use the work space of two local psychotherapists who also gave us the use of the adjoining airbnb for six of us.
The QEC workshop was received with such openness and excitement by those who attended. The majority were Greek locals who spoke very good English. We had some visitors from the UK and Latvia as well as one from Germany.

I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate space that the small group allowed for and the group process work led to deep work done as well as some very special bonding connection between people.

I want to thank my local organiser/assistant Alice Roorda, who trained in QEC in Birmingham with me in 2018. She did so much to get QEC known in Athens and to help people to try it out beforehand.

Here is an interview with one of the participants.


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