QEC Certification 8 April 2018

This last South Africa Style QEC training ended yesterday on Sunday 8 April.  Seven people certified, among them two medical doctors. This training was incredibly stimulating and good fun all round. We had the privilege of having close ongoing supervision thanks to Elsmie Otto, Wendy Scurr and Manus Meiring who looked after individual trainees over the 3 months that QEC took place. The high standards of their case study work is testimony to the input given by supervisors as well as the commitment by each student to practice regularly in buddy pairs.

Lawrence and I are about to move to Spain in July 2018. We will be living in or near Barcelona. QEC is growing in the northern hemisphere and our QEC workshops in 2018 will be in the UK and in Prague.

I am committed to providing ing ongoing QEC therapy support as well as supervision support after July via internet.

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