Our Past Impacts our Present. Here´s how..

We are a product of our past. Every experience we’ve ever had, good or bad, is imprinted within us, crystallising as the core beliefs, or “truths” we hold about who we are and how the world works. This is our conditioning and it is ‘stored’ in our subconscious mind.


Everything that’s happened to you right up to this very moment has moulded you into the unique human reading this sentence. In this way, our past directly influences the way we see, feel and act today. The way you behave in your relationships. What you choose to do – or not do.


And while that’s fine for the most part, what about the negative aspects of your life? Behaviour patterns we’d rather not be repeating. Disabling emotions such as fear, anxiety and despair triggered by certain situations. Perhaps we have self-worth issues, or issues around money? The list is endless.


Here is an example. If you were neglected or abandoned by your parent or caregiver, as an adult we might subconsciously have trouble trusting and connecting with others.


So, how do we work with the past? We cannot go back in time and ‘un-experience’ a traumatic event but we can heal from it, now. The latest findings in neuroscience show us that the most effective way to do this is by accessing the source of our belief systems, our subconscious mind. This is the work of QEC.



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