Gestalt Introductory Training Certification completed

Fourteen people certified in Basic Gestalt Counselling Skills training on 30 October. This was a two month course consisting of two weekend workshops, each three days long, providing the essential Gestalt Psychotherapy skills for practitioners who want to learn a different way communicate with clients.  The course includes an optional attendance at a weekly Gestalt Process group where further personal growth work takes place.  This affords trainees the experience of managing group process, a skill required for example in running TRE groups.


Most trainees are either TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) or QEC practitioners.  Many are from other backgrounds e.g. education, business and government. People report that this course has hugely deepened their understanding of how to BE PRESENT with others in a nonjudgmental, respectful way with deep listening. Patients have the wisdom within to heal their own issues, and if deep listening is provided, their own solutions are facilitated.


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