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    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Certified Meditation teacher, Certified Shambhala healer.
    One of my callings in life is to be a midwife of life, and both QEC and TRE are perfect tools for that.
    It’s amazing how easily people can connect to their true self, when they feel safe, seen and heard. With some support they reconnect effortless with their innate wisdom, self-healing capacity and power. They get access again to the fullness and beauty of a life by discovering their unique qualities, talents and personal keys to happiness.

    Eén van mijn taken is om een vroedvrouw van het leven te zijn. Zowel QEC als TRE zijn hiervoor perfecte ‘tools’. Het is verbazingwekkend hoe makkelijk mensen opnieuw kunnen connecteren met hun meest authentieke zelf, wanneer ze zich veilig voelen, wanneer ze zich gezien en gehoord voelen. Met wat begeleiding herverbinden ze zich moeiteloos met hun aangeboren wijsheid, hun zelfgenezend vermogen en hun innerlijke kracht. Mensen krijgen opnieuw toegang tot de volheid, rijkdom en schoonheid van het leven, nadat ze hun unieke kwaliteiten, talenten en persoonlijke sleutels tot geluk hebben ontdekt.
Prince Edward Island
  • NaturoTherapist, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I have been a TRE Provider since 2011 and know the calming effects you can learn to achieve. I am delighted to have become a QEC Practitioner in June 2018. I retired from my full career as an Occupational Therapist in community. I will assist you modify the TRE exercises and positioning given my background in rehabilitation. I work with children, their parents, couples and individuals.

    I will typically work May to October in Canada as a NaturoTherapist. I offer TRE and/or QEC . Many insurance companies cover this. Email is our best means of communication.

    You and your loved ones will feel lighter and more centred, after you learn one or both of these Tension Releasing / Trauma Healing processes! I enjoy working in a collaborative way, that supports us both to be curious in the discovery, exploration and transformation of various life challenges. All information is confidential. The guidance from Dr Melanie SalmonMB BCh(Rand) in Gestalt facilitation helps me provide you with the utmost feeling of personal safety, non judgement and respect. QEC Living helps me thrive and feel more complete! Join me for 2 to 5 sessions.
Czech Republic
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    QEC practitioner, TRE® provider, Chakradance® facilitator, Masters degree in Industrial Psychology.
    I offer QEC alongside a variety of modalities to support clients in an integrative way. I work from a Gestalt counselling approach which means that I offer a space of safety, non-judgement and respect. I enjoy working in a collaborative way that supports both of us to be curious in the discovery, exploration, and ultimately transformation of life issues. I have experienced how simple and gentle this process can be and this is what I am passionate about sharing with others.
Dublin, able to travel to clients
  • c +353 85 105 9646
    TRE® provider Level 2, QEC practitioner, Craniosacral Reflexologist, Massage therapist, ACEs-in-Ireland, Reframing Autism. Praticien TRE® niveau 2, Praticien QEC, Réflexologue Cranio-sacral, Massage, Autisme Recadré, ACEs**
    I am an advocate of < Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs > and bring a trauma-informed approach in all my work, believing that our earlier life and circumstances determine what we become.

    Craniosacral Reflexology allows me to do bodywork when necessary, and Trauma Releasing TRE facilitates the expression of emotions, and in this way triggers the body’s own healing mechanism.

    Quantum Energy Coaching QEC brings me to the new frontier of wellness. Body and mind are intrinsically linked and QEC opens the gates to a universe in which we are all connected and where everything is possible.

    I believe that our sacred body is the most advanced and sophisticated creation in all worlds.

    I have learned - through myself and others - that some things can be deeply entrenched and change can be difficult. A trauma-informed approach will get to the truth quickly and prepare the ground for QEC to access the subconscious with ease and make the necessary changes.

    I stand in the Truth - I’m on your side - And I can be your guide for this part of your Journey.

    Je suis partisan des < Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs, ou Expériences Négatives de l'Enfance > et j’applique une approche informée des trauma dans tout mon travail, convaincu que les conditions de notre enfance déterminent ce que nous devenons. La réflexologie cranio-sacrale me permet le contact thérapeutique physique lorsqu’il est nécessaire, et les Exercices Liberateurs de Stress – TRE, facilitent l’expression des émotions et de cette manière déclenchent le mécanisme de guérison.

    Le < Coaching par Energie Quantique - QEC > [ma propre traduction] m’amène à une nouvelle frontière du Bien-être. Le corps et l’esprit sont indissociables et QEC ouvre les portes d’un univers dans lequel nous sommes tous connectés et où tout est possible. Notre corps sacré est la forme la plus avancée et sophistiquée de la creation. J’ai appris – par moi-même et par les autres - que certaines choses peuvent être profondément enracinées et le changement peut être difficile.

    Mais voici qu’une approche éclairée ainsi que l’accès direct à notre subconscient par le QEC nous donne la possibilité d’effacer et de changer l’inchangeable.

    En vérité - A vos côtés - Permettez-moi d’être votre guide pour cette part de votre chemin.

    ACE** = Google > Brève introduction de l’étude ACE
Czestochowa, Warsaw
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    Gestalt Psychotherapist, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, translator, TRE provider, Peter Hess Sound Massage practitioner and now QEC practicioner. My humorous motto is: “Impossible things I can manage to do right away, miracles take a little longer.” :-) I believe, as Buddha did, that who we are today is a result of our thoughts from yesterday, and these combined with our current thoughts create our future. In my experience, I rephrase this sentence by saying that who we are today is a result of our yesterday's thoughts and feelings, being and actions, and simultaneously our current thoughts, feelings, being and actions create our future life. QEC is the tool which I experience as the dot over the i letter :-) while working with consciousness.
South Africa
Western Cape
  • c 082 449 0464
    TRE® provider, Fascia Release therapist, QEC practitioner.
    Having been a school teacher for over 20 years previously I am especially interested and experienced in working with children.
  • c 082 099 1830
    Registered counsellor (addiction, trauma), TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I specialize in addiction treatment. Adding QEC as a tool for my clients has been astoundingly useful and effective. My clients love the process, particularly when added to TRE.
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    t 021 447 6601
    Re-evaluation counsellor, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I am a TRE and QEC provider and have a Diploma in Coaching from Stellenbosch University. I have also been practising and leading in Re-evaluation Counselling since 1978. I have worked mainly with students and staff at Higher Education Institutions - using all of my training. The transformation work I have been involved in with all those who have touched my life touches and excites me.
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    Business consultant, QEC practitioner.
    I am a QEC practitioner who has incorporated QEC with other information/modalities over the years and I adapt my style according to the evolving consciousness of the people attending my workshops.
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    Life Coach, Counsellor, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Chartered Accountant.
    QEC has been the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle with all my training I have done. I have always found that beliefs hamper us, as they are so difficult to overcome. QEC allows us to change and flourish in our lives, using a very simple but powerful process. I specialise in transition adversity, self esteem, stuckness and trauma, using TRE and QEC toghether has shown fantastic results in my own life and with clients I have worked with.
  • c 083 758 4547
    QEC Practitioner
    Doing the QEC training as a practitioner, has completely revolutionised my ability to manage my mind. My thought patterns now work for me, instead of against me, and help overcome obstacles, creating the very best. To live the life you really want, with a radiant heart – what would you change?
  • c 076 257 6814
    QEC practitioner, Bachelors degree in Marketing
    For the longest time we’ve been led to believe that if we want to heal, we need to look outside of ourselves. Our physical symptoms can only be fixed by medicine, our emotional issues dealt with by a talk-therapy ‘specialist’. How though, do we take back our power and get to the root cause of the issue? There are a few realities that I’ve learned through QEC. Firstly, all of our past experiences, good or bad, shape our beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world and these beliefs are held in our subconscious. Much of our responses and actions in life emanate from our subconscious conditioning. While we cannot change our past experiences, with QEC we now have a powerful tool to change long-held beliefs at the subconscious level, freeing us up to live happy, healthy lives. The thing I am most excited about is the realization that we have such a simple, quick and permanent way to heal ourselves, with no medicine involved, no reliving traumatic experiences and no lengthy and expensive therapy. I am excited and grateful to have found and trained in this modality and it’s my passion to share it with others.
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    QEC practitioner, NLP practitioner, Life Coach
    QEC has played and continues to play a crucial part in my own healing journey from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), PTSD and anxiety, to deep enduring self-love and holistic health on all levels. I use QEC, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and life coaching techniques to support and empower you in healing from chronic illness (both physical and mental) and trauma. My own experience of living with and healing from these debilitating issues enables me to deeply empathise with my clients and understand what it is they are going through. I enjoy working with both adults and children.
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    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Integral Life Coach
    I love this quote from Rumi because is explains exactly what the Quantum Energy Coaching process does.

    Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

    Together, we will embark on a journey to discover those barriers that stand in the way of you living life to the fullest. Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) allows us to “re-programme” your sub conscious mind in order to remove those limiting beliefs that are standing in your way.
    What I love about QEC is that there is no “waiting period” … it works immediately. So if you are ready to make some quantum leaps in your life, QEC is definitely for you.
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    t 021 709 0332
    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I am EXCITED about sharing TRE & QEC as they have assisted me personally in releasing years of trauma brought on mostly by loss & grief, quickly and effortlessly. I am deeply grateful for the shift it has brought into my life and the freedom it has brought me, hence the excitement to share these unique body-based modalities.

    TRE regulates the autonomic nervous system to bring you back to a mental/emotional state, where you can make healthy choices. QEC allows you to “re programme” the sub conscious mind in order to remove limiting beliefs standing in your way.
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    t 021 715 8795
    BodyTalk practitioner, Family Constellation facilitator, QEC practitioner & Gestalt counselling skills, TRE® advanced provider.
    I have incorporated all my years of experience and my own healing journey to support my clients to move into a new world where everything is possible. QEC is the magic wand in opening up that portal for you!!
  • c 082 493 6117
    t 021 782 3297
    Registered Psychometrist (MA Psych), Bereavement counsellor, QEC practitioner.
    I specialise in Bereavement, Trauma and LGBTQ understanding. QEC has provided me with a tool to make a deep and meaningful connection with my clients. I am able to provide my clients with the support needed and facilitate their own effective contribution to the healing process. With QEC I have been able to heal my personal trauma, and QEC supports me daily on my magnificent path.
  • c 082 721 8149
    Ozone therapist, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I run a wellness practice in Somerset West where I employ a variety of alternative and complimentary modalities to support my clients on their journey towards health and wholeness.
  • c 076 524 9690
    t 021 852 2231
    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, HED and BA(Honours) qualifications.
    After being a lecturer and teacher for 33 years, I exchanged my teaching career for practicing QEC and TRE full-time. I have many years of experience in counselling young people and I still enjoy working with children and youth of all age groups. I equally love working with adults! QEC has transformed my life! Let me help you to transform yours too.
  • c 021 852 3021
    Non-practicing Occupational therapist, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, nutritional health practitioner, Touch for TRE (Fascia Release).
    I am a qualified occupational therapist but I have studied alternative healing for the last 20 years, as this aligns more with my deeper core beliefs of natural health and healing. I incorporated TRE and QEC into my practice in order to achieve a more complete holistic approach to health and healing for my clients after I experienced the immediate positive changes in my own life - finding my self-worth and joy again. It is such a powerful, yet simple tool to change our limiting beliefs we have unconsciously developed into strong, positive and supportive core beliefs within ourselves.
  • c 083 953 3637
    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Astrologer, Healer.
    QEC and TRE are vital healing modalities in this rather stressful time that we are living in and the positive results evident in my various clients both children and adults are amazing. It is a wonderful self help tool. I also offer holistic healing through Astrology.
  • c 082 824 0545
    Teacher, Pastor, TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    I have a passion for words. My masters thesis: "Your words are alive! They create..." which is in line with QEC - changing negative beliefs about yourself.
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    t 021 855 2587
    QEC Practitioner, International Spanish Teacher, BA in Social Communication, Artist
    As a QEC practitioner, with experience in arts, communication and teaching, I offer others an opportunity to reach their true-higher Self potential. Being retired from regular work on my early 43 years old, I’m here to listen and assist others while discovering an effective way of transformation for their lives. QEC leads to an authentic connection and awareness with own most wanted needs, dreams and goals, and to make them come true!! With a Gestalt approach, in a safe, accepting, caring space, my specialty is: heart connection, creativity, spontaneity, happiness, taking risks, love, flowing, strength, openness, authenticity, healthy life, playfulness, time acceptance, dreams, polarities, and freedom.
  • c 072 494 6869
    TRE® Mentor, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner, QEC practitioner
    I am a TRE® Mentor, Acupuncturist (BSc Hons) and Chinese Medicine practitioner working in private practice in Stellenbosch. I incorporate the Gestalt Counselling approach in an integrative and intuitive synergy unique to the needs of every client.
  • c 082 413 9513
    Honours degree in Human Resource Development, Training and Development Specialist, QEC practitioner, Life coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
    I am living my passion since I started my career 27 years ago. My passion is creating opportunities for people to discover, develop and dynamically transform themselves. I find my deepest gratitude in seeing people transform to be one step closer to live their full potential.

    My life transformed in 2002 when I discovered that if I embed my life in the deepest level of faith and gratitude, miracles do happen. I follow a principled approach and only allow true conviction to drive my development initiatives.

    My second transformation was when I learned the skill of QEC, and it is exactly that I wish to share with you.
Northern Suburbs
  • c 082 694 7440
    HRD practitioner, QEC practitioner, TRE® provider.
    After having been involved in corporate HRD programs for more than 30 years, QEC has become my preferred coaching modality.
  • c 083 457 0182
    Teacher, Artist, QEC practitioner.
    As an art teacher I am deeply interested in processes that enable us to address and overcome barriers and challenges to living creative, meaningful lives.
  • c 082 606 1246
    Advanced TRE® provider, QEC practitoner, Master Life Coach – Evolved Coaching (facilitation and previously training), Pilates & Callanetics teacher, Sports Massage therapist, Body Sensing student teacher
    My life story has been fraught with abuse, depression, hopelessness and the emotional and physical pain of being trapped, restricted in destructive behavioural patterns. When I eventually reached a turning point of no return I searched for help and I chose to take the reins back into my own hands, it was the start of a journey firstly for me and then which would train me to be able to help others. This has taken a lifetime and each modality has been invaluable for what I have learned.

    QEC has by far been the one modality that the rest of the years and years of work, paved the way for. The one that with TRE as a precursor allowed for the courage to be able to identify a core wound that has moulded my life from the womb until the QEC process allowed for the release and change on a sub-conscious level….allowing for forgiveness of myself and others for the roles played we all played in my life – shedding the layers one by one. Evolving into the excitement of making a difference in my own life daily – caring for myself more has enabled me to be even more available to provide the safety for clients to do the same. Without changing the external factors in my life, just being the change from within, looking out.

    I like to think that my style is personal and relaxed, providing a nurturing environment within a framework of safety. Safety has been my major barrier, so I identify mostly with people feeling unsafe and too vulnerable to share, there is time always to take things as slow as the client needs to. Space to explore and consider options that they had hither to seemed out of reach for them.
  • c 0832276830
    QEC practitioner.
    I come from a background in the Software Services industry, and have worked for the last 20 plus years as a Team Lead and for the past 5 years as Team Lead and HR Manager. My passion is people and I love listening and helping people grow. My heart has been drawn to healing, and QEC was put in my path. I have seen the amazing change in people as well as myself using QEC and am so happy and privileged to be able to offer this wonderful discipline to people who are struggling with something and know they can lead better, happier lives, but are stuck and don’t know how to change this.
  • c 072 871 1441
    QEC practitioner, Live & Dry Blood Analysis Practitioner, Wellness consultant, Business consultant, Health Freedom Activist, Researcher, Head of the National Health Federation SA.
    Peet Louw was in full-time ministry from 1997 and in this time he completed various project management, marketing management and budgeting courses as well as various other courses. He had hands-on training in a wide spectrum of activities, from grassroots community projects to national and international marketing initiatives and relations. In 2003 he was approached by Eternal Pictures to market and launch the film "The Lazarus Phenomenon"(true-life documentary about near-death-experiences and life after death) throughout South Africa, America, England and Europe. Peet returned to South Africa in 2004 and established Christian Resource Network, a one-stop Christian DVD resource distribution and marketing company. In 2006 Peet was approached by Global Creative Studios to manage the church and rural screenings for the film "Faith Like Potatoes", and he did this as part of a bigger marketing team. Later on his responsibilities increased and included managing a call centre, retail distribution and rental distribution for "Faith Like Potatoes". He co-founded Humble Pie Entertainment in March 2007 and is the sole owner of Humble Pie Entertainment now. He is the founder and owner of Truth Inc. Peet founded and co-founded various other marketing and business concepts over the past few years and is dedicated to impact people's lives through whatever means with the truth, so that they are able to make informed choices in their lives. Peet is passionate about media and believes in networking and joining forces with likeminded individuals to be more effective.

    He is the founder and chairman of Newturn Foundation NPC, a registered not-for profit organisation in South Africa. After a nationwide awareness campaign and film releases about clean energy (GreenTruth) and a nutritional approach in restoring health (HealingTruth), the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre model was formed and been running for 4 years in Stilbaai. The centre was closed down in October 2017 due to unethical circumstances, influences and practices from the landlord which made it unbearable and impossible to continue with the work in the premises. The centre is now in a transitioning phase where it will be relocated to another premises somewhere in the Western Cape. The vision is to initiate the nationwide awareness campaign again and establish Wellness Centres in South Africa and in Africa to make the truth and services more accessible to everyone. Peet believes that the "health industry" is moving towards the wellness side, a whole-body approach, holistically and the only lasting and effective way is the natural way, not the “alternative way”, but the original way. Understanding the body and its needs, and then supplying the body, the human being in all its needs to enable the body to heal itself. He is presently doing immense research on all natural therapies available, nutrition and related matters. As the Head of the National Health Federation of South Africa, he is initiating various campaigns to inform the public about health freedom and the dangers of GMO's etc. The mental and physical health/wellness of our nation and continent is directly linked to their nutritional intake and lifestyle.

    He believes QEC is an amazing method/tool in dealing with trauma, additions, habits, getting your shit together, sorting out your life and bring about the change you would like and feel is needed in your life. From his personal experience, knowledge, research and deep understanding about the physical and spiritual worlds/realms in a biblical sense, QEC is clean, safe and really effective. QEC is non invasive, non judgmental and empowering!
  • c 082 784 4788
    QEC practitioner, Natures choice health training, Therapeutic massage, Be Free counsellor and educator, SA College of Natural Medicine health practitioner, Business Development & Management program (University of Stellenbosch).
    I have 28 years of experience in alternative health with international experience working / training in wellness centres. I started my health journey with personal and family issues to deal with that helped me find the way to help myself and help others not to invent the wheel again. QEC is one way to open that stuck black door and find yourself in another vibrant light and colourful world that can last. No need to go back to your jail where you have wasted so much precious time of your life. Dare to be free and find the true you and start living TODAY. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is still to come but YOU can change and live today!
  • c 074 164 0025
    Colour and Crystal therapist, QEC practitioner.
    I am a qualified colour and crystal therapist using kaleidoscopic light in treatments and have been using QEC for the past two years with my clients.
  • c 084 909 6308
    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Multiplex diploma in Transformation / Career Coaching, Bachelor of Arts (UCT)
    Finally I get, that we really can be the change we want to see in the world.

    The change in you can be a simple, gentle and profoundly empowering experience with QEC.

    I offer QEC, alongside other modalities that support and empower people to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and healing. I work collaboratively with people to determine which thoughts, attitudes and beliefs stand in your way of your health and happiness. I provide a calm, creative and deeply respectful space for people to show up, to explore and to resolve life issues.

    ‘QEC has freed me up mentally and physically to enjoy my life and to follow my excitement.’
Balearic Islands
  • c +34 69 995 4296
    TRE® provider, Yoga nidrā & mindful movement teacher, Bowen therapist, QEC practitioner.
    I work with holistic mind body modalities that help tap into our self–healing capacities offering clients different approaches for the management and recovery of stress related issues (pain, tension, trauma, anxiety & others). I am seeing how all these approaches can be combined with QEC enhancing and speeding up results. It’s truly a pleasure to work with and see clients transform at so many levels and I am grateful to be able to work in a collaborative, respectful and supportive way, I create a safe holding space for clients to embark on their journey and celebrate seeing how they spring back to life becoming empowered (at quantum speed) as they joyfully take charge of their own life and transcend issues and limiting beliefs and are able to reconnect with their inner/higher self/wisdom.

    One of the most gentle, simple and effective life changing experiences I have ever had was my QEC Coaching and training as it has/is gently carrying me through the difficult times in life and empowering me towards a better understanding of who I am and living more joyfully and from a space of trust, awe and humbleness.
  • c +34622690322
    MB BCh(Rand) Gestalt Trained Psychotherapist & trainer. TRE® and QEC trainer.
    I am a South African medical doctor and traumatologist who worked for 30 years in the UK as a GP. I am also a qualified Gestalt psychotherapist, graduating in 2006 from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA, and trained in new energy medicine in the UK, USA and Europe.

    Through my experience with patients with chronic disease, stress and trauma, I sought to find another way to facilitate healing that did not involve lengthy talk therapies or pharmaceutical drugs.

    It is then, I developed QEC in 2008. Combining my Gestalt and medical experience with various new energy modalities into a simple method that changes thought at the subconscious level of mind.

    I introduced TRE® to South Africa in 2009, working alongside Dr. David Berceli (the founder of TRE®) between 2010 and 2012. I ran the South African TRE® National Training Programme as coordinator until 2015. TRE® has consequently reached tens of thousands of traumatised South Africans from all walks of life.

    The QEC Practitioner Training Programme began in South Africa in 2013. I currently live in Spain where I continue to expand QEC Practitioner Training throughout the UK and Europe.
United Kingdom
  • c +44 737 816 7386
    Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapist (Registered Member of BACP), TRE® provider, QEC practitioner.
    Building a relationship of trust, honesty, and safety is at the centre of what I do. I am excited to support and work in partnership with my clients, as they discover their unconscious self-limiting beliefs which are holding them back from living a happy, healthy and vibrant life.

    I am inspired to help my clients empower themselves in the healing process to let go of old hurts or difficulties and move forward and fulfil their true potential.

    I have been amazed at how quickly QEC helps to transform things in my own life and I look forward to sharing this with others.
  • c +44 (0)7986 392 754
    t +44 (0)20 7358 0609
    TRE® Provider, QEC Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, MA (Fine Art,) pgDip(Management).
    I’ve been working as a coach and facilitator of people, teams and organisations for 30 years. Finding QEC is not only a marvellous addition to my skillset, it is also a transformational way of being in the world for myself as well as my clients. I’m very much enjoying and appreciating the possibilities that incorporating it into my professional practice provides.
East Sussex
  • c 00 44 787565 1303
    TRE® provider, QEC practitioner, Coach, Thai Yoga Body Therapist, Chi Kung teacher, Honours degree in Psychology.
    For the past 20 years I have worked to develop and support projects with women and girls who have experienced violence and abuse. During this time my interest has expanded to explore modalities that support the complete healing and recovery from such experiences. This has been both a personal and professional journey of healing from the continuum and labels of victim, survivor and now thrivor! My personal quest has been to understand they ways in which trauma and stress impacts the mind, body and spirit and explore effective modalities that support healing and recovery at these levels.

    I previously trained as a ‘Life Coach’ and was deeply disillusioned by the skill set I came away with as I found it unsuccessful in supporting deep long lasting change. My recent discovery of the powerful combination of tools that is QEC, I believe have been the missing link in my own life and one that I consider to be a great gift to share with others seeking support to move on from the often debilitating affects of trauma and abuse in order to create a life of joy.
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