21-week QEC Practitioner Certification Training goes Online!

“This training is our most comprehensive and powerful online course yet.”

– QEC founder, Dr Melanie Salmon.


Especially effective online, this certification allows you to build a borderless practice with clients located all around the world.


About the training:

The 21-week training combines 2 weeks of Gestalt, 5 weeks of QEC and an intensive, online internship over the following 12 weeks where you will be working with case studies. All lectures and practical demonstrations are delivered live by Dr Salmon. Upon successful completion you’ll qualify as a QEC practitioner, skilled in a profoundly effective modality that can stand-alone or integrate seamlessly into other ways of working.


Module 1, Part 1: Introduction to Gestalt
Gestalt teaches us how to build a deep, authentic, healing relationship with others.
Dr. Salmon has been teaching her very popular 5-week “Introduction to Gestalt”course for many years, and has distilled the most important topics into the first 2 weeks of this training.


Topics and skills development include:

  • Dialogue and the healing i-thou relationship
  • Awareness-raising
  • Phenomenology



Module 1, Part 2: Introduction to Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC)
The latest understandings in epigenetics, quantum physics, neuroplasticity and cardiac coherence are brought together into a simple, clinically-usable healing tool.


Topics and skills development include:

  • The science behind QEC
  • The QEC methodology
  • Working with stress, trauma and addictions
  • Creating the life you want



Module 2: Online internship
Over the course of the next 14 weeks (including a 2-week break), you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice as you begin to see clients. These will be non-paying friends and family – giving you the opportunity to develop your skills as a QEC practitioner under the guidance and support of your supervisor and group. During this time, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of advanced topics with continued live teaching from Dr Salmon.



  • Robust 21 week course (7 weeks theory and group practice, 12 weeks online internship and 2-week break)
  • The training is live, presented by Dr Salmon (online, via zoom.us)
  • Only 12 participants per training
  • Combines theory with intensive, practical learning
  • You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced QEC supervisor who will support your training every step of the way.
  • The cost includes 1 complimentary, personal QEC session when signing up



In addition:
The cost includes 3 months of complimentary post-graduate supervision after you have qualified (to support you when you start to see clients professionally).



Next training:
Training Programme 10: 15 February 2022 – 28 June 2022, online, 17h00 – 19h30 (UK time), selected evenings: REGISTER NOW



(£2340 – early registration, before 16 December 2021)

Payment plans available, please contact michelle@qecliving.com.

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